How to update WordPress Plugins that included with theme or sold on Codecanyon

You can't update premium (not free) plugins automatically, like you update some of your other plugins in WordPress. This related to plugin developers restrictions (not our themes) and this rules the same for all themes.

You can find all premium plugins as standalone installable ZIP files in our themes in /inc/plugins/ directory inside theme folder/archive. Use this files to install/update premium plugins manually.

You can update premium plugins in two ways:

  1. Update via FTP - This is the safest way. If you have access via FTP to your site files, you can replace the plugin files with the updated ones. Just go to wp-content/plugins/PLUGIN-FOLDER and replace the files with the ones on the zip of the updated plugin.
  2. Update via Wordpress Admin - You can deactivate and delete the plugin on the Plugin’s administration page of Wordpress and upload and active the new plugin version. This operation should not affect the entries you have already made (plugins settings and data) for most of all plugins, but some plugins may delete its data with this (like Revolution Slider). We recommend to use FTP method.