My WordPress Dashboard Backend / Frontend is slow after installing your theme, why?

Theme can't slow down WordPress itself, this is technically not possible, but complex premium plugins require good hosting for fast work (for example WooCommerce, Revolution Slider and Visual Composer).

You should understand that you can't get fast website with low cost small shared hosting with price like 10$/year.

WordPress itself require good hosting for correct and fast work too, check that you have at least this values set in your PHP.ini settings (ask your hosting support how to set this values):

  • max_execution_time 200
  • memory_limit 128M (Your hosting should allow you to have at least 128 MB physical real memory)
  • post_max_size 32M
  • upload_max_filesize 32M

We recommend to use this hostings for fast WordPress work (this hostings optimized for WordPress fast work):

Hostings that we does NOT recommend, because many of our customers have different issues on this hosting and bad hosting support:

  • GoDaddy
  • 1&1

This related to any complex and powerful WordPress themes from Themeforest.net, not just to our themes.

If you are from China you should know that Google API's servers blocked in your country, this will give you performance problems with themes that use Google Fonts (99% themes), contact us in support ticket to get help with this if you are using our themes from China located servers or China located internet provider.

Site speed depends on several things in addition to theme (that already coded for extra fast work), like WordPress configuration, Server configuration and quality and Content optimization. We included simple guide how to optimize your website for extra fast work with our theme.

Useful advices for site Speed Up:

  • Make sure that you have good hosting/server (we recommend to use Bluehost to host WordPress themes)
  • Disable all third-party plugins that you does not use
  • Check this official WordPress Optimization guide article and external article links in it. Follow all guides in it (especialy image optimization, server setup and optimization)

If you don't want to configure your website optimisation yourself you can order our special service: