I see white blank page or 500 internal server error on frontend after theme installation and can't access dashboard or frontend

You got some server side error, this issue related to hosting miss-configuration and does not have any relation to theme, this does not mean that our theme does not work (all our themes installed on hundreds and thousands of websites and tested by Envato Quality Reviewers). 

You need to enable error display in your server settings or check server logs to see what error you have exactly. If you don’t know how to check this ask your server/hosting support how to check your error.

If you use WordPress themes:

  • Make sure your server use PHP5 (PHP7 is not supported by several plugins included with themes and themes may not work on server with PHP7) - read more here
  • Your server limits is suitable for installing WordPress themes and plugins - check required values here

If you use Magento or OpenCart theme you can check that this is enabled on your server:

  • PHP value short_open_tags = ON
  • mbstring PHP extension is installed

After you will get know what error you have search FAQ questions, maybe questions about your error already answered. If no - submit a ticket with your error text.